To improve product quality and striving for corporate glory


All management personnel, college students and new entrants Production class and group leaders attended the meeting. Chairman Wang Xiaodong and human resources director Daniel Yu thick attended the meeting.

This report and the subject is divided into ideological understanding, and lessons-learned and implement the three categories, followed by 10 representatives came to power.

Finance Department is the first to speak Yan-yu, his "On the quality and boosting the role of the General Assembly" The main analysis of the quality of the General Assembly from two levels of thought and action shown by boosting the role of Jihuan to create excellent works to build awareness and establish a fine ambitions. Next, HR Xiao Fu's "sense of responsibility is to improve product quality, employee protection," should be talked about from the outside to strengthen and nurture the inherent sense of responsibility both to improve staff also made three external to strengthen and nurture the inherent 6:00 way. Administration Department WU Chen did entitled "How to find the company, there is the work of this department is not in place, and to seek new solutions and measures" the report, which focused on two major issues, namely, how to find work is not in place case, they set forth the scope and to find ways to find the two-pronged approach; Second, what solutions and measures, from the system, style of work to understand and process monitoring level to solve the problem.

The meeting process, the Ministry also issued a total of 23 questionnaires, to discuss topics of various departments to rate. Statistics top three are: human resources, administrative department and production department.

Finally, the company chairman Wang Xiaodong exchange of this report were summarized on the future management of product quality, put forward a four-point demand: First, to achieve the "three reunification, a clear", that is to unify thinking, understanding, unity actions, a clear personal objectives and responsibilities; second, quality control departments strict control on product quality; and third, establish a strict management system products; 4th, the departments do a good job advocacy, training and education activities to enhance the thinking and understanding.